How To Leash Train A Puppy

How to train a dog to walk on a leash

There are millions of people who have problem during their dog walk rather than enjoy it.

Who currently has a weak or painful shoulder from their dog pulling them and yanking them down the street?

Why not leash training a puppy to walk by your side without pulling and why not both enjoyed every walk without the hassle!

Finally the great thing are not complicated and mastering it can take a little time, but not always.

Sometimes it can be a 5 minute turn around as expert Dog Trainer demonstrates in his video below



But let me first show you some of the really key mistakes that many people are making when walking with their puppy dogs.

As mentioned earlier there are many dog tricks to walking your dog on the leash correctly so that they walk beside you. And if you have a determined dog you need to know all of them before you can master the dog walk.

The dog tips I am about to give you now will really help. So let’s get cracking and get into the leash training a dog.Dog Obedience

The most important thing to remember is to keep your dog calm.

If your puppy dog is charged up like a raging bull as you head is still out of the garden gate, then getting them to walk calmly on the leash is going to be a lot harder than if they are calm. So do we need calm them down.

  1. Calming your dog down before leaving home

Think about before leaving the house. You bring out the leash and your sleeping puppies become a rocket. They jumping up, tail wagging, racing around requiring that you place the leash on them.

Now if you simply oblige and placed the leash on them they get even more excited!

The reason is very simple. You are reinforcing their excited dog behavior with a reward the lead. So this behavior gets more and more extreme. They become more excited not less excited.

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The same thing is happening as your puppy drags you towards the front door, barging on their way through first and then pulls you down the garden path or street. All of this is getting your puppys more and more excited. They will be at exploding point when you get on the path!Positive Dog Training

Remember next time before you take your puppy for a walk, take your time. Pick up the leash and then wait for your puppy to calm down. That's right. Just carry on doing what you were doing and ignore your dog's antics. If they don't calm down simply put the leash away or put it on a table.

This may take a little while, several attempts or longer period, but your dog will sooner or later calm down. When they are calm and relaxed you can try again and repeat until they are totally relaxed as you attach the leash.

You don't need police dog training to learn how to leash train a dog, you need just a time

This process can be repeated all the time until you are comfortable and ready to start for dog walk. Either waits calmly with your dog on the leash until they are calm down before progressing. If you are not comfortable take the leash off and postpone walking your dog for a few minutes. It may seem like you're getting nowhere fast but better to take some time getting this sorted now with puppy dog or you're going to be dragged around the streets and parks for the next 10 years. The issue doesn’t have ” self-corrections “.

  1. Change direction when your dog pulls hard ahead

To continue puppy leash training and before you start your dog walk look first at which direction your puppy is trying to head.How To Leash Train A Dog

If they want to go right, then you turn left. Take a step to the left and repeat this until they are truly understanding of what you are doing.

Dog training commands are basic during training dogs to walk on a lead. Puppy dog will be learning quickly dog commands ( Obedience training ) with full respect to you as The Pack Leader.

On a bigger scale you could easy change direction and go the other way when your puppy starts to pull ahead.

Make sure you do this leash training early. By doing this exercise your dog ends up behind you every time. Again it can take a little time but your cute dog will get it easy.

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  1. Chose an appropriate device to help you during puppy leash training

Take a look at some of the different types of devices available to assist you in dog training heel. In the other videos you can see a very special harness where the attachment is under the dogs chin. This is totally different to a traditional harness where the attachment is on the back and the dogs end up pulling like a cart horse.

  1. Remember you are The Pack Leader

On the dog walk and during any other dog training The Pack Leader leads from the front. So if you are not The Pack Leader in your dog eyes they wilhow to leash train a puppyl really fight for that spot at the front. It’s as simple as that. You can't cheat a dog, especially the strong minded determined ones! Learning to become The Pack Leader is topic all on its own.

You need to be strong The Pack leader when dog barking, during leash training and off leash training, crate training dog and dog potty training and is the basic for any other positive dog training.

Before any puppy training takes place, you first need to establish yourself as The Pack Leader and this is really important in solving almost all dog behavior problems.

  1. Lots of extra puppy tips and tricks

As I mentioned earlier there are tons of other dog tips, dog training tricks and dog commands such as knowing how and when to give the leash a little pull without going over the top. Understanding when and where to let your cute puppy have some freedom and go to dog potty area

And remember your puppy will also be glad when the pulling stops and they can walk calmly by your side!
how to train a dog not to bark

You and your dog want to enjoy dog walking together without pulling and pushing.

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