How To Toilet Train A Puppy

How to potty train a dog is a main question for cute dog owners.

Is there anything worse early morning when you wake-up and discover your cute puppy rolling around in his poo !

It will cost you about 30 minutes to tidy up and you’ll be late at work. Is there anything more frustrating?

During normal time you take your puppies outside to pee-pee and once they get pee-pee, you return home.

Sometime within a few minutes after coming home your dog decides to carry on pee-pee in your living room.

You will beHow To Potty Train Your Puppy upset again.

If you thinking that for your cute puppies quickly understand puppy potty training tips and will be not difficult, you're right. It shouldn't and it isn't difficult.

There's no secret and no magic, just a little dog tricks which will turn off your puppy's toileting around your home.

That is crazy that many people don't do these small things simply because they have never been told exactly what to do.

Nobody before has ever explained how important these specific little things are when you are toilet training your puppy.

They're all very simple and all logical. So let me show you correct direction and few more idea after which many puppy toilet training called also puppy potty training will be easy for practice for you and your dog.

  1. Staying relax:  

Firstly you must accept that you're responsible for teaching your puppies, like teaching a baby how to use a potty.

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You can't blame them for not being toilet trained and you must take your frustrations away from them.

You should understand that How To Toilet Train A Puppybecoming furious, shouting at your puppy, being annoyed don't teach them to be relaxed and follow your dog commands go and toilet outside!

All that rubbish about rubbing your pet nose in, to show that he must “don't do this again” is an old school and not working. People who do this type of stuff totally missed the teaching purpose.

Just think why your puppy pee-pee in your home?

Yes, because they need pee-pee and they are inside your home.

So, if you start rubbing your dog nose in, they will not understand what is wrong. You need to show them and you need to teaching them where is correct place.

That's why this procedure is called dog toilet training or dog potty training.Puppy Training

  1. Stay concentrated on the target:

Biggest people mistakes during puppy toilet training is to concentrate only and telling “poor puppy” or “bad dog” when they go wrong.

The main secret is this… You must keep rewarding your puppies when they toilet in the correct place.

Every single time!

Absolutely nothing more will inspire your puppies faster than rewarding when toilet will be in correct place.  Rewarding must be just straight away not later. Too late after pee-pee your puppy simply will be lost and don't understand why he was rewarding.

Normal your puppies think: “So if I pee-pee on the grass you give me probably what I like” then “OK Deal!”

We must don't forget about always rewarding when pee-pee is in correct place.

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Unfortunately a lot of us will try reward only for a short period (one or two weeks then stop) and after we get dog toilet problem again.

Video below show you when dog is rewarding plus other dog training tricks you can train your dog also other correct dog behavior

  1. It takes time:

Remember that your puppies are young and still learning and like small baby need time.

The good things are that “You Can Do It” and teach your puppies like small baby. Puppy toilet training takes TIME and PATIENCE!

No one give you a simple answer how to potty train a puppy fast or about best way to potty train a puppy?

It is great learning for a lifetime for both of you and you will know best how to potty train your puppy.

  1. Knowledge is everything:

When it comes to how to toilet train your dog there are really so many small details about and you simply learn by yourself during dog commands training. You need to be told the simple secrets before your puppies potty training goes perfect.

The best place where you can found all the tips about puppy potty training and other dog commands you can search inside Free eBook .

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