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Vet Recommended Dog & Cat Sunscreen: Pet parents who care about healthy skin for their dogs, cats (and even horses) say they love how the powerful blend of enriching vitamins and essential oils in this pet-safe sunscreen actually heals skin while stopping permanent sun damage; And Veterinarians recommend Gerrard Larriett because we avoid the chemicals and benzene that cause allergic reactions and endocrine issues
Non-Sticky & Deep Moisturizing: Our proprietary combination of Lanolin, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Olive Oil deeply moisturize the coat and skin to help dogs dry noses, without the heavy perfumes that can cause breakouts or oils that make fur sticky; Plus, from the positive reports, pups and cats (as well as pet parents) like how the spray goes on light without the heavy creams, balms, waxes, or scents that cause pets to lick, sneeze, and rub their moisturizer away
USA-Made Premium Sunburn Recovery: Our hardworking American Aromatherapy experts blended enriching oils such as Lavender and Neem to heal painful burns on sensitive noses, soothe redness on thinner coats, and even help recover from past sun damage – all without any of the drying chemicals or alcohol that can hurt your best friend’s skin
Burn Stopping Dog Sunblock: Customers who live in hot, sunny climates say our UVA and UVB inhibitors stop sunburns on their fair-skinned or fine-haired pets; Our specially formulated sunblock for dogs provides SPF30 equivalent UV blockage to decrease your furry friend’s risk of skin cancer and to stop bright pink and peeling snouts after morning walks
Lick-Safe Dog Dry Nose Treatment: As you check out our label you’ll see ‘easy-to-say’ ingredients such as purified water, coconut, flax, yuca, and jojoba oil; What you won’t see is any of the scary parabens, aerosols, or sticky zinc oxide found in cheap imported brands – this gives your pup a light and effective sunscreen that mists on fine, dries fast and is completely “Lick-Safe”
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